a million tiny choices later

i suppose
that if we hadn't met the way we did
thanks to the chances
& million tiny choices made along the way
we'd be strangers
and perhaps we'd sit
beside each other on a bus
or reach for the same zucchini at the grocery
and draw back, meet eyes,
polite, withdrawn, sheepish
with no way of knowing
how 999,999 snap judgments ago
we missed a step and fell out of line
a hairline crack
in our story's foundation

you didn't make it to the meeting
or i came in through a different door
there are so many reasons
for us not to be
but we are

thank god for our chances
for our choices
i think as i chop up a zucchini for roasting in your oven
while you step out to walk the dog
and i hum the melody of our favorite song






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