from above

have you ever found yourself 
watching your own life from above?
just the other night i felt my soul grow lighter
hovering high over the table
filled by every seat with a friend.
i felt myself pause, lifted,
warmed by the soft light 
and shimmering first-few-sips kind of buzz
just taking it all in.
one by one i alighted on each person
every one of us
drunk, daring and uncertain of the future,
brimming with all we’ve done
and still want to do.
one day we’ll know
why we met when we did
how it all turns out
who is meant to stay in our lives
and write our stories with us
and who is not.
but for now
for tonight at the very least
we're together
pressed shoulder to shoulder
on sticky wooden benches
singing, living, loving
just the way we’re supposed to.

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