for hannah, the artist

she lives her life
like a work of art
conversations intricate, intelligent 
as the collages and bright canvases 
hung on her bedroom wall
everywhere she lives becomes a gallery
collections of seashells and well-worn books
telling the story of a curious, thoughtful soul.

she casts wide, bold, beautiful strokes
choosing to see 
the good in others
to chase adventure and connections
with a light pack and an open heart
over mountains in france
on bikes in nova scotia 
across beaches in new zealand.

she is the kind of friend
you’ll always have with you -
handmade birthday cards
songs you’ve scream-sung together at concerts
voicemails just to check in.
her calmness and self-assured power
give permission
for you to feel the same.

she creates with intention
speaks with conviction
and holds her head high 
over a golden, caring heart.
her paths stretch far and wide
but still end up at my door
and we are bright eyes and breathless laughter
when we can be together.

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