Capitalize, Don’t Compare

It's a scene you probably have heard of before. The professor strides in on the first day, blank chalkboard stretched out behind them, and gives some sort of menacing speech to the effect of, "Look to your right, then look to your left. These are your competitors for the next [insert amount of years]." I've [...]

A Handful of Numbers

Numbers, to me, have always been dull. Necessary, sure. But compelling or emotion-inducing? Definitely not. I'm someone who bought into my demotion into the "low" math group in 5th grade and never really bounced back. I retreated into my refuge of words and social sciences, save for a few painful returns to calculus and statistics. But on [...]

Spoonfuls of the Ocean

It's really common as a young person today to be aloof in the pursuit of relationships and friendships. To show just the right amount of interest, send the perfectly timed text, the subtle Snapchat. Ask your favorite teenager or college student; they'll tell you all about the terms we have somehow agreed upon. It's extremely common. It's [...]

Tiny Wins

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination." It's one of those sayings that's so frequently repeated that I lose track of it easily. It's simple, solid advice, but more often than not I let it slide through me without comprehension. For whatever reason though, on this ordinary Tuesday, something about that phrase stuck. It started [...]

Puns & Passion: LeaderShape 2015

Beth handed me a blueberry-scented magic marker and a canvas-sized piece of paper. “Tonight you get to tell your story,” she said to all of us, a collection of ten strangers assembled in a vibrant arts-and-crafts room. “Tell it however you’d like. Timelines, webs, drawings. There’s no wrong way to do it. You’ll present them [...]