the one hiding in plain sight

There are some friends you click with the moment you meet, because you’ve had friends like them before. It’s something recognizable, driven by circumstance - a common hometown, or a college roommate perhaps. There’s also friends who hide in plain sight, near you quietly for years until you both grow into people who are ready [...]

Capitalize, Don’t Compare

It's a scene you probably have heard of before. The professor strides in on the first day, blank chalkboard stretched out behind them, and gives some sort of menacing speech to the effect of, "Look to your right, then look to your left. These are your competitors for the next [insert amount of years]." I've [...]

Spoonfuls of the Ocean

It's really common as a young person today to be aloof in the pursuit of relationships and friendships. To show just the right amount of interest, send the perfectly timed text, the subtle Snapchat. Ask your favorite teenager or college student; they'll tell you all about the terms we have somehow agreed upon. It's extremely common. It's [...]